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Yasmeen S - Henna Tattoo Artists

Yasmeen is a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and also has completed a cosmetology course at Douglas J Aveda institute. Yasmeen came across henna at a very young age and vowed to herself that she would one day learn the art of henna. Having learned Henna a few years ago, it has become her passion. She is always learning new designs, techniques and using different items such as jewelry, lace patterns and other things for inspiration. She is very versatile in her designs and will work with each individuals needs. Using knowledge gained from Aveda she has been able the 'crack the henna code'- and learned how to get the best results. She can incorporate gold and silver flash tattoo's into the designs, if requested. Yasmeen is very friendly and loves to work with all ages.


Yasmeen is interested in learning about health & nutrition and therefore only uses 100% natural fresh henna paste, with no chemicals or preservatives. All natural henna has many benefits for the skin and body, it is anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-mycotic to name a few. All natural henna also repels pests such as mosquitoes, "I almost never get bit when I am wearing henna!"


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Tattoo Speeds

7-10 henna tattoo designs per hour depending on the complexity of requests


  • $140/hour, with a 2 hour minimum.

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.

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Seattle WA

Yasmeen S will travel for an additional fee!