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Peter started performing at the young age of nine years old. He developed his love and passion for magic to such a level that he started to compete with other young adults from all around the world at the very young age of just 12 years old. At 15 years old, Peter was the youngest magician to win the coveted magic competition of the Advanced Stage division of the highly renowned Tannens Magic School. Peter was literally taught by the best magicians/illusionists in the world including the president/owner Tony Spina, who was the actual backbone of Tannens Magic Emporium in New York City for 5 decades and personally helped cultivate top names in the industry today, such as David Copperfield and Criss Angel.

Peter's experience brings about the world's top sleight-of-hand that actually can happen inches from the spectators faces and even within their own hands, affectionately called micro-Illusionism(mix and mingle magic. Peter has worked with names such as Absolut Vodka, executing extensive promotional work in high-end lounges, comedy clubs and theaters throughout the world.

Making his national television debut just this summer for being caste in Season 12(2017)of Americas Got Talent on N.B.C. for his copyrighted signature specialty acts of the World's First 3D Magic Show!! This never before seen show incorporates real holograms with live magical performances where physically real props seamlessly and secretly switch for identical holographic images that float, shoot and even explode out into the audience for a multitude of grande effects (without having to wear any special glasses) and will keep you on the edge of your seats as the audience has no idea when a physical prop like real fire for example, will secretly get switched for incredibly identical looking holographic flames that come shooting hundreds of feet over the audience. Looking incredibly real the entire time! Currently its available as a specialty act for high end venues with the appropriate space, but will leave your audience with a once and a lifetime memory of an entertainer that will leave you with a once and a lifetime experience!

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Strolling: Performing mingle magic/strolling is extremely exciting because Pete not only creates unique, visual miracles but he's the fun and personable entertainer that breaks the ice across the board. Bringing the guests together for a truly bonding experience that helps ensure the sponsors event will be a total success. The attendees can expect to smile from ear to ear as their own personal items begin to levitate in mid air, impossible predictions and transpositions come to fruition, watches and jewelry disappear right off the guests without them knowing and seconds later are given back as gifts enclosed In gift wrapped boxes! 3 things are guaranteed with this level of classy professionalism, big smiles, fantastic fun and the making of great memories.

Birthday Show: Peter has a variety of birthday party themes, all of which cater to making that show specially curtailed to that special guest of honor and making that birthday an unforgettable experience for all. Children's parties are offered a solid 30 minutes of interactive and engaging fun magic that will be sure to amaze for any age. Rounding out the balance of the hour with what kids love more then candy itself. Personalized balloon sculptures for every child that are created right before their eyes. The birthday boy/girl gets a super sized birthday balloon hat that is impossible to miss from a block away! If parents have a special gift for their child, Peter Bell can easily incorporate it into the magic show, giving that extra attention all children deserve on that special day. Adult birthday parties are extremely flexible as well, whether it's adult humor/higher end illusions, it's all designed to your specifications as a full 45 minute to one hour of jaw dropping, knee slapping comedy magic that is professionally delivered.

Stage Show: Peters stage show is one of, if not the most technologically advanced shows on the market today, due to it's seamless meshing of grand illusions where at any moment a physical prop(large or small) can seamlessly and secretly change to a 3D mapped identical hologram that can enter deep into the audience (without having to wear 3d glasses of any kind)and morph from one object to another instantly. Imagine fire shooting 100 feet deep into the audience(just animation on a invisible canvas over the audience), or a light bulb is produced from nowhere at Peters fingertips. It's tossed over the audience where it seamlessly morphs to a flaming and ghostly phoenix with a 100 foot wingspan that flies over the audience to the back of the theatre where it simply dissipates to glowing embers! Perfect for big venues and corporate events where company logos, titles, etc can even morph in mid air from a simply held physical prop that can even hover into the audience where it visually morphs into a companies brand/logo, etc. The effects and show can be curtailed for any venue if requested. Please keep in mind the switches from physical props to what's called hyperrealistic animation is seamless, undetectable and is cutting edge technology across the board. Meshed with high end laser lights, backdrops, beautiful assistants and even flying drones that talk, film with perfect precision as they fly above, interacting with Peter and the audience. This 45 minute specialty act is a non stop, action packed adventure, choreographed strategically with routines that will have the audience experience first hand the future of entertainment soon to be seen for the first time ever on national television.


Strolling: $160/hr with a two hour minimum.*

Birthday Show: $275 for a show for 20 children or less.*

Stage Show: $7980 for the show description outlined above.*

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.

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