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 Patricia is a Mime Artist, storyteller, and character clown who specializes in statue work, pantomime (silent storytelling) and Illusion. Born in Fredonia, New York, Patricia started performing mime while still in high school and continues to this day. Now a trained actor and movement specialist, Patricia began her career as a filmmaker and still holds a great love for the silent movies and the tragic comedy of The Lil’ Tramp. Patricia’s statue and solo mime acts have been seen all over the United States. She studied mime through the schools of Ettienne DeCreux and Jacque LaCoq and has worked alongside comic greats Ronland Foremen (The Valley Studio) and Veera Wibeau of San Fransisco. In the 80’s she graced the performances of Without Words Mime Co in Buffalo New York, before heading South to create her own group—THREE PIECE SUIT.

Each summer, her Charlie Chaplin Mime comes alive for tens of thousands of visitors at the Anchorage Street Fair in AK. People everywhere are always mesmerized at Patricia's ability to not only personify this cinematic icon with hilarious antics and puppetry, but are also astounded at her statue-like ability to hold a pose. She strolls as many characters including: Patsy the Mime, Granny Gertie (storyteller), Jackie Frost, and of course Charlie Chaplin—to name a few. Her motto “A character for every occasion” holds true where ever she goes!

Patricia also offers programs that connect to specific school curriculum—whether it is story building and literacy, or Math, history, or Science—Patricia has a performance for every grade level. She was trained as a Wolf Trap Teaching Artist in drama and dance, and at the Lincoln Institute for Aesthetic Education. Her performances and workshops entertain as they teach, opening minds to new ways of learning while warming hearts.

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Strolling: Patricia uses illusion, silent comedy and statue technique to mesmerize and bring laughter to all. Mime, Simply Statue, or even Storyteller, Patricia works hard to make you happy! Often Patricia will use instruments—such as mandolin, drumming or harmonica-- as well as puppetry art and clowning to get every age involved.


Strolling: $205/hr with a two hour minimum.*

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.
**Special rates may apply for the more elaborate costumes and the fee does vary per costume.

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