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Mr Greggy is one of our Clowns in Atlanta:

Born at an early age, Mr Greggy the clown loved performing as long as he can remember. As a teen in the early 1970's, Mr Greggy developed an interest in magic, balloons and other forms of variety entertainment including juggling, puppetry and clowning that has continued to this day.  

Since 1993, Greggy has taught magic, clowning, balloon sculpting and juggling to thousands of children at the Circus Camp, a summer day camp located near Atlanta which focuses on spreading the joy of circus skills. He also writes instructional books for other children's entertainers worldwide, as well as conducting seminars and lectures for various magician & clown organizations throughout America. 

Mr Greggy traveled with the Clyde Beatty~Cole Bros Circus at their National Spokesperson for their 119th season. He made countless appearances on TV, radio, newspaper articles and other live shows.

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Strolling: Magic: Your guests will love this close-up form of magic, It happens right before their eyes... and sometimes right in their hands! Using over thirty five years experience entertaining with sleight of hand skills, MrGreggy strolls throughout your crowds, bringing magic and fun to children and adults! Balloon Performances: Balloon sculpting is a popular form of entertainment! People love to watch balloons become art, and they're thrilled to receive the sculpture when it's done. When MrGreggy makes balloon art for your guests, it's a show unto itself. Nobody waits in line... he keeps 20-30 balloons going at the same time (when busy, up to about 100 an hour) for a non-stop colorful extravaganza of balloon entertainment! Puppetry: Rocky Raccoon (MrGreggy's furry puppet pal) is also featured. Youngsters love Rocky... they request him again and again! Once they've seen him in action, your guests will want to pet Rocky Raccoon. He just loves all the attention... sometimes he even likes to dance on children's shoulders! Clowning and Silliness: Your guests will laugh, giggle and smile every time they see MrGreggy strolling thru the crowds at your next event. He knows just the right bit of silliness and comedy to keep all ages entertained and happy whenever he appears! Juggling: His top hat becomes a show as it's flipped, caught and juggled with skill and dexterity! MrGreggy teaches your guests amazing balancing tricks they can do themselves!

Birthday Show: # Goofy Magic Show with your Your Birthday Child as the STAR! # Goofy Magic Tricks # Super Sensational Puppet Circus Stunts # Unique Juggling # Clown Gags # Audience Participation # LOTS OF FUN! # Balloons For All! # Your Birthday Child is the Twister Helper and Receives a HUGE Balloon Hat! # Special Requests # Colorful Excitement! # Balloon Games # Animals, hats, flowers, swords and more!

Stage Show: The Giggle-Inducing Goofy Magic Show! Comedy and fun using silly magic, unique hat juggling, adorable puppetry, hilarious clown gags, colorful balloons, respectful audience participation and plenty of goofiness! Since MrGreggy can perform just about anywhere, it's fine for the children to watch him set-up... it only takes about a minute! Sometimes he even entertains while putting his vest on... is it part of the act, or does he really get confused that easily? Loads of audience involvement keep the children enthralled while they laugh themselves silly! When they watch MrGreggy, they always get involved with what's happening on stage! Rocky Raccoon (his furry puppet pal) is also featured. He performs fearless feats featuring super sensational circus skills! Youngsters love Rocky... they request him again & again! After the show, if conditions permit, every member of the audience gets to meet MrGreggy and Rocky Raccoon. He just loves all the attention... sometimes he even likes to dance on children's shoulders!


Strolling: $160/hr with a two hour minimum.*

Birthday Show: $320 for a show for 20 children or less.*

Stage Show: $345 for the show description outlined above.*

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.

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