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Izolda is one of our Fortune Tellers in Rockville:

In Izolda's experience, every reading is different and depends a great deal on both the energy of the seeker, which cards fall into the spread, and how they are arranged as they are laid out. Each reading presents itself as an unfolding story that Izolda relates to the person being read. She looks to the cards to provide the focus of the story and interprets the possibilities from the way that fate lays out the cards. 

For more than 20 years Izolda has been providing Tarot Readings and Intuitive Counseling. She reads with the Mary Hanson-Roberts deck because she finds that it greatly helps her quickly and easily connect with her intuition and allows for a more in depth reading. Most days she can be found conducting readings her office in Berwyn Heights, MD.


Tarot Cards

Palm Readings - Izolda has been doing palmistry for twelve years. She incorporates a unique aspect in that, as part of the palm reading, she conducts subconscious body mechanics interpretation to give people vital information about their strengths, characteristics, and long term life path.

Astrology - How did the heavens view the moment of your birth? Which planets aligned under lucky signs? Where will your path take you? Get your birth chart and find out. A birth chart symbolically represents where the planets, moon and sun sat in the sky at the moment of your birth. It reveals your personality characteristics and life path in home, family, love, career, and more. Get a birth chart and learn the heavens’ fate for you. Receive your very own personalized birth chart print out at the end of your reading.

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  • $185/hour, with a 2 hour minimum.

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