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Since he saw his first magician perform in a kindergarten show, Herb has been captured by the mysterious, the unique, the mystical, those things which are illusion. Herb describes himself as an ordinary guy with an extraordinary imagination.  It is this aspect of a gregarious personality which assists him in his chosen profession. Wal-Mart, the American Cancer Society, Chic-Fil-a, the University of Arkansas, local Branson Shows, fortune 500 companies and various schools and churches depict a few of his satisfied clients. Whether entertaining the troops overseas, table hopping at a local restaurant, or keeping the attention of a group of kindergartners the results are always the same. A quality, entertaining, show where the audience gets the attention.

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Strolling: Want to draw a crowd for your widget at the trade show? Need some extra entertainment at a local fund raiser? How about something different at your yearly school event or someone who can bring in extra customers at family night for the local restaurant? Herb’s unique brand of closeup magic brings the guest in real close, not to fool, trick, or disguise, but merely to entertain.

Birthday Show: Nothing corny, nothing goofy, no clowns, no kidding. All the children are involved while the birthday girl or boy remains the center of attraction in Herb’s shows. Even the parents will want to stick around and enjoy the fun. A half hour show, which is more than enough entertainment, entertains approximately ten to fifteen children. Herb also does balloon animals so a party with a “Twister Event” ensures party favors for each child while being entertained.

Stage Show: Herb has performed for the big stage in Branson, MO as well as an intimate dinner party for a group of eight. His repertoire would include: prop illusions, mentalism, card tricks, and group hypnosis all mixed in with a lot of comedy. The goal is to mystify, the result is entertainment! Posted rate reflects a show for a small group; prices vary according to the event size.


Strolling: $210/hr with a two hour minimum.*

Birthday Show: $250 for a show for 20 children or less.*

Stage Show: $250 for the show description outlined above.*

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.

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