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Chucklehead the Clown is one of our Clowns in Owings Mills:

Chuck is a professional entertainer with more than 30 years experience, performing across the country and around the world. He has worked for the Baltimore Theatre Project, The Baltimore Neighborhood Arts Circus, and has spent the last 10 years working with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Team at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is also a founding member of The Maryland Documentary Theater, and the All American Mini Circus. Although he started his solo performance career as a Guido the Clown, Chuck spent most of his performance life as a magician, mentalist, juggler, and hypnotist. In 2006, he joined the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Team, and has been brightening the live of patients, their families, and even hospital staff ever since. Chuck is a skilled magician, juggler, improvisation artist, fire eater, balloon sculptor, and all around nice guy.


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Strolling: Magic, Juggling, Balloonacy, or any combination of these skills provide laughter and delight on a one-to-one basis. Incredible, fascinating MAGIC and mile-a-minute laughs combine to make Chucklehead's Roving One-on- One Magic a delight to experience, and a wonder to behold. This astonishing performance will make any event a memorable one. A skilled JUGGLER, making clubs and balls dance and airborn ballet at his whim (with a healthy dose of whimsey, as well). A joyful BALLOONATIC providing children and adults alike with wild outrageous creations - alien hats, laser blasters, puppy dogs, heart flowers, and more - turning the entire scene into a wonderland of color and cheer.

Birthday Show: CHUCKLEHEAD'S MAGIC BIRTHDAY SHOW lasts 30 minutes, and is jammed packed with Magic, COMEDY, Juggling, COMEDY, Silliness, COMEDY, Balloonacy, COMEDY, Fun, Excitement, and the Optional Fire Eating, geared to the age group of the birthday guests. Balloon Creations are made for all the kids after the show. of children.

Stage Show: CHUCKLEHEAD'S MAGIC is packed with thrills an excitement, laughter & wonder, designed to amaze and amuse young and old alike. The show is part MAGIC, part JUGGLING, with a liberal dose of COMEDY and AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION, and can even include FIRE EATING. Usually aimed at a Family Audience, CHUCKLEHEAD'S MAGIC can be re-geared to fit nearly any situation from a LIBRARY OPENING TO A SCHOOL PICNIC. With an easy grace and charm, CHUCKLEHEAD has entertained everyone from Captains of Industry to Shopping Mall patrons to Senior Citizens in an assisted living setting. Magic, Comedy, Juggling, Audience Participation, Fire Eating, and Balloonacy blend together with Wit and Charm to make any event a delight. Make your next occasion one that will be remembered for a long time to come.


Strolling: $160/hr with a two hour minimum.*

Birthday Show: $300 for a show for 20 children or less.*

Stage Show: $400 for the show description outlined above.*

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.

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