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Chris "Juggle Boy" began his juggleing career at age 12 for a school talent show. Since his first performance he has gone on to tie the world record for juggling 9 sticks, placed as the #1 US juggler and #3 in the world in advanced ball competition on ESPN Sports.


Chris has juggled for many companies and many events, such as: the UNC Women's Basketball Half Time Show, the North Carolina Military Appreciation Event, Malls, and an exhaustive list of Fortune 500 Companies. His personal records include: 9 stick juggling, 7 club juggling, 10 ring juggling, and managing to keep 11 balls in the air with 13 clean catches and throws.


A very talented and high energy show, Juggle Boy will not disappoint.

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Birthday Show: Magic & Juggling Show & Balloons * 30 Minute Magic & Juggling Show with Audience Participation * Starring the #1 U.S. Juggler as seen on ESPN * Fun and exciting to watch for ALL AGES! * Balloon Sculpture for Each child * Make Birthday person feel special with a Special Deluxe Balloon Sculpture

Stage Show: The amazing Chris "JuggleBoy" Fowler will juggle balls, clubs, rings, basketballs, and more! His show includes a balancing act and a lot of fun for the crowd! You will have to see with your own eyes - one of the best juggler's in the world. Chris is certified as the top gravity fighter by the USA space exploration team. Simply incredible! His high paced show will last about 20-30 minutes of extreme excitement.


Strolling: $210/hr with a two hour minimum.*

Birthday Show: $280 for a show for 20 children or less.*

Stage Show: $935 for the show description outlined above.*

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.