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Andrea M is one of our Face Painters in Denver:

Andrea grew up mostly in Colorado, then moved to New York City for 9 years to pursue acting -- working as a clown as her "day job" and found that people really liked her face painting! She has painted at thousands of parties and events over the past 10 -11 years, and has studied with some of the best face painters in the world as well as pursuing formal training in other forms of art.

She loves to customize! Time permitting, she can work off of pictures (of pets, for example) can do portraits or caricatures of the people she is painting (teenagers, in particular, often really like this) and tries to customize her full faces as well (for example, one time she painted 14 little girls who all wanted to be mermaids--- but each mermaid was unique and each was a hit! :)

A note on the time estimates: the time estimate for the "basic designs" is referring to something moderately simple( like the simple versions of the dragon, shark, or single butterfly pictured on this page) she can get even simpler and paint even more kids. For something a little fancier but still pretty quick (like the pictured mermaid, puppy dog, or whole group of flowers and butterflies) - she can do roughly 12-14 an hour. The full face time is a midrange estimate, assuming about an average amount of wiggliness -- if it's a party full of 2 year olds the times are naturally harder to predict. :) Speaking of babies and toddlers, Andrea usually has pretty good luck with them and has a number of strategies to help them warm up and many designs that are relatively simple and have more than one viable stopping point in case the little cutie is near his or her limit--- she also can juggle and entertain the babies that way so if any of them aren't ready to be painted there is a plan B. :)

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Painting Speeds

Simple Designs: 25-30 faces per hour

Full Face Designs: 10-12 faces per hour


  • $150/hour, with a 2 hour minimum.

*All pricing is in US Dollars and is subject to change if your specific requirements differ from the descriptions.

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