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Things to consider when hiring a Henna Tattoo Artist

Henna is plant that has a dye, lawsone, in its leaves, and that dye will stain skin, fingernails and hair.  Henna paste stains skin just as a wet teabag stains a white tablecloth.  Your artist will apply henna paste in patterns on people’s skin, and that will leave a temporary stain when the paste falls off.  The henna stain will be orange when the paste comes off, and that stain will darken to a dark brick red or brown color in 48 hours.

Henna patterns on skin last from 1 – 5 weeks.  Henna lasts longest on palms and soles.  Henna lasts briefly on upper arms, backs, and faces.

Henna is NOT a tattoo.  Henna patterns are not permanent.  Henna artists do not work with needles.

Henna paste should stay on the skin for several hours or over night for the best possible stain.  If your party activities are such that the people cannot keep henna paste on their skin, the stain will be lighter and fainter.  Activities that lead to “henna mishaps” are dancing, swimming, and rambunctious or drunken behavior.

Children under the age of 6 should not have henna because they have difficulty keeping it in place, undisturbed.  Any child who is G6PD deficient should have NO henna.  No infant should be hennaed.

Henna does not have any particular religious significance, nor is it forbidden to any religion.  Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and many other groups of people have used henna in their social celebrations.  Henna is not forbidden to men, though it is primarily a women’s art.

Dark brown or red is the normal color for henna.  Henna is NOT BLACK!  Any henna paste that quickly stains skin black has PPD in it, and that can cause severe allergic reactions, blistering and scarring.  Do not EVER hire a henna artist who uses “Black Henna”.   None of our artists will everuse black henna at any event which you book through us.  Other ingredients some artists use in henna paste that may cause skin irritation are “mehndi oil”, clove oil, and citronella oil.  Natural henna has a very high level of safety, and allergic reactions are very rare.

Our rates are all per hour.  Check the site, email or call us to find rates in your region.

There are samples listed on the site by many of our artists. We’ve done everything from 20,000 person concert venues to 20 person home parties.  We have artists that are experienced with every size and kind of event.  If you have a big event, you may need more than one artist.  Rates are per artist, but we can usually provide as many as you need.

Your henna artist will need good light to work.  Do not ask your henna artist to work in a dimly lit room. If your henna artist cannot see, the designs cannot be very good.  Your henna artist will need to be out of the rain, wind, and cold.  Your henna artist will need one or more tables and chairs, nearby running water, and a trash basket.

This section was written by henna artist Catherine Cartwright Jones, the world’s leading authority on the history, traditions, chemistry and techniques of henna.

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