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About Airbrush Tattoo Artists

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Airbrush is a newer method of face and body painting that started to appear at events over the last 20 years, steadily gaining popularity since then. Although the classic face painter is still a familiar sight at parties and events, airbrush tattoo artists offer a specialized service that is a perfect fit for certain occasions!

The word “airbrush” refers to the two-part method that allows this body paint to be applied smoothly and quickly to the skin. An airbrush applicator uses an atomizer, like a perfume bottle or a spray cleaner, to aerate the alcohol-based paint. Once the paint has gone through the atomizer it has been separated into an even distribution of tiny particles.

Eva W's airbrush setup.

This paint-mist is then directed through a nozzle using an adjustable trigger by a continuous flow of pressurized air from a tank. The result is an even, light coat of paint that can be directed incredibly quickly by a skilled artist. Stacking multiple layers of paint creates a vibrant, highly pigmented finish, while lighter applications add hints of color or definition.

Each airbrush is usually used for one color only, because of the technical requirements and how difficult it is to clean out the air lines. As a result, a starting airbrush artist will often build their kit “color by color”, adding more and more lines, airbrushes, and options as they continue to grow and learn the art form.

Some artists work freehand, creating the distinctive “airbrushed look” that many will recognize from apparel and the boardwalk. These days, however, many artists choose to use stencils in their airbrush work to streamline their process even further. With a custom made stencil for the most popular design of the year, an airbrush artist can create crisp, professional grade wearable artwork in a matter of a minute or two.

Stencils can allow an artist to quickly apply shapes, designs, and characters in silhouette, whether that’s mermaid scales, your favorite video game character, or a dreamy unicorn!

Some who book airbrush artists in for their events even choose to have special, unique stencils created that include their specific branding, logos, or event details, making airbrush tattoo artists a popular choice for sports events, corporate activations, and more!

Why pick airbrush?

Airbrush tattoo is a great choice for high-volume events, pool parties, or promotional branding. The tattoos are applied much more quickly than face paint, with simple designs usually taking about 30 seconds to be applied to the skin.

After application, the alcohol-based paint dries very quickly and is then resistant to water and the usual wear and tear that make face paint so temporary. If kept properly, airbrush tattoos can last for up to an entire week, but they can also be scrubbed off immediately with soap and water.

Airbrush isn’t just for tattoos! Some artists, either at retail stands or events, offer airbrushing services onto things like T-shirts, hats, and so much more! Because of how quickly the art can be created, customized keepsakes can be created in a flash. Don’t wait in line – choose airbrush!

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