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Live Digital Caricatures via Video Call

This would be for an event or meeting conducted through a video call, such as Skype, Zoom, or a Google platform. Each individual poses during a scheduled time period on a live feed. The artist draws them remotely and images are saved to a link for you to download immediately. Guests can log in just for their session, or everyone can log in at once to watch everyone else being drawn, which can provide a much needed break or a little levity to your work day! The artist can even draw guests silently while you conduct a meeting! Artists draw roughly 10 caricatures per hour in black and white, with a one hour minimum.

With this you are paying an hourly rate; it is very important when booking by the hour to make sure the guests are there at their scheduled time. Charges are for the artists' time, not for each completed caricature, so you want your artists to have models to draw.

Price: $150/hr, one hour minimum

Option 1: Heads Only in Black and White. Approximately 10-12 per hour.

Option 2: Simple Background, Black and White. Approximately 6-8 per hour.

Option 3: Heads Only, Color. Approximately 8-10 per hour.

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Option 4: Simple Background, Color. Approximately 4-6 per hour.